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Xianquan Industrial and Trading Co., Ltd.
QQ: 2967295358
TEL: 022-29550000


WFS-3010 Minisize Reaction Equipment
WFS-3010 is table-typed minisize reaction equipment in natural pressure. It can do constant temperature and temperature programmed reaction, and it may apply continuous flow chromatogram method, pulse chromatogram method to the reaction. Our equipments has the better merit of carburetor, cooling video-liquid plane gas-liquid segregator or non-video condensation gas-liquid segregator (choose match), six-port valve entering sample device, it could connect chromatogram instrument conveniently, and the system has the second level safety protection instrument. Our equipments have materiel gas pathway of two-pathway gas steady pressure, back pressure, mass flowmeter controlling and a pathway liquid entering sample ora, and that, you can adopt stainless steel reactor or quartz reactor. The structure of these devices is simple, the operation is convenient. Our devices can filtrate activator fleetly, and optimize the reaction condition, thereby, you could see about the use-life of the activator.

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