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WFS – 2017 automatic online reaction chromatography/mass spectrometry


WFS -2017 is aset of reaction evaluation device with complete supporting facilities.? It can facilitate various kinds of reactions among gas, solidity and fluid and record the whole course of reaction by preheating reaction in distributing gas and fluid or automating the whole process of online sampling chromatography, mass spectrometry and infrared analysis.

WFS -2017 consistsof

  1. transporting materials through six- channel gas supply and two-channel VOC fluid supply
  2. online PPM gas distributing system
  3. quartz reactor
  4. visual condensate separator
  5. automatic liquid release

It is unparalleled that the device can make a reaction just with the sample volume of 10mg catalyst and it promises to be running for a long time. Meanwhile, the primary data can be kept while processing

WFS -2017 serves as an effective medium for the research and analysis of reaction evaluation. It is now being applied in the area? of VOC/SCR or some theories about reaction, such as environmental science, , desulfurization, denitrification, automobile emission purification, Fischer-Tropsch reaction, methane oxidation,etc.

WFS -2017 can also improves the foundation subjects and experimental presentation taking place in most higher education

WFS -2017 boasts the features of small in size, compact structure, accurate in controlling temperature and fluid, convenient in assembling and disassembling catalyst, fast cooling, controlling with computational intelligence. It is a multi-purpose experimental device for fast evaluating catalyst and its life

.index parameter

1 Chemical rector: quartz
2 Campling volume of catalyst: 1ml
3 Gas supply : six channels
4 Fluid supply: 2 channels
5 Evaporator temperature: 3-60℃
6 Reacting temperature : indoor temperature-800℃
7 Chromatography sampler: automatic? temperature-150℃
8 Visible surface of vapor-liquid separator: automatic releasing liquid and cooing
9 Outputting gas through six channels for external usage or flux modification
10 Reacting pressure: normal pressure(2017)
11 Pressing: 3MPa (2017a)
12 Control accuracy: 0.2% FS
13 Flow? Control accuracy: 1%
14 Flow-rate range: 0-300ml/min
15 Volume and Weight: Volume: 46*65*50cm
???????????????? Weight: 10 Kilos
16 Reactor fast cooling device available

.Operational Principle

WFS-2017 Online reaction revaluation system

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