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Xianquan Industrial and Trading Co., Ltd.
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WFSM-3060 Catalyzer Evaluation Equipment

3060 is a suit of unattached and integrated catalyzer evaluation device and designed by computer system engineering. It can do evaluation about continuous flow reaction chromatogram method, pulse chromatogram method and temperature programmed chromatogram method, and it can do cc-ms。The equipment may do reaction about gas-solid, liquid-solid, and gas-liquid-solid. Ordinarily, it also could change its own function, and make the equipment instrument。We could apply this equipment to teaching and scientific research about the field of petrochemical industry, chemistry, biological medicine and nanometer activator.
The equipment makes up of two (or four) gas pathways, a liquid pathway, high pressure liquid pump, gas mixed implement, carburetor, reactor, segregator, six-port valve, condensator, steam-liquid segregator, off-line taken liquid device and taken gas device, chromatography or chromatoplasm, refrigeration system.

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