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Xianquan Industrial and Trading Co., Ltd.
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TEL: 022-29550000


WFS-3015 Sulfur Callback Equipment and WFS-3015 On-line Catalyzer Evaluation Equipment
WFS-3015 on-line activator evaluation equipment is a humanity design, simplest and fast evaluation equipment. It makes materials of different modal liquid pathway and two gas pathways, passes the mixed implement and carburetor, and has nicer temperature interface with quartz pressurization opening furnace reactor. The reactor is on the chromatogram instrument, after diffluence decompression, and under non-fall temperature state, goes into the six-port valve of chromatogram instrument, and entering sample in the chromatogram instrument. The equipment has refrigeration device, separate condensator, video liquid plane and gas-liquid segregator of cold storage. It is a better ideal gas, liquid and solid on-line activator evaluation equipment in scientific research.

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