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Xianquan Industrial and Trading Co., Ltd.
QQ: 2967295358
TEL: 022-29550000

TP-5085 Multi-automatic Characterization Adsorption Instrument

??? Function: Automatic, Multi-synthesizing gas TPR, TPD, TPO, HOT, TPSR, Dispersion Degree/Chemistry Ratio Surface Area, Physics Ratio Surface Area, TPD-Chromatogram/Mass Spectrum/Infrared, On-line High Vacuum, Pretreatment, Physics Desorption, Automatic Hydro-Oxygen Titration, Ration Adsorption, Adsorption in zero centigrade scale, Metal Dispersion Degree, Active Ratio Surface, Grain Degree Analysis, Continuous Flow Method, Gas-Solid Reaction and Pulse Reaction-Chromatogram Method.
?? Main characteristic:
?Automatic: After loading sample, you only need press mouse one time and wait for the result
?The measure and control system is more hobnob with client, easily compile the program and perfectly safe protection system
?Apply for grain and powder (nanometer) activator
?TPR/TPO on-line distribution in machine (or vessel distribution)
?Adsorption in zero centigrade scale, multi-loading gas can switch automatically
?Temperature programmed and adsorption isothermal temperature range: From 100 centigrade scale below zero to 1000 centigrade scale
?Molecule pump vacuum degree: 5*10-6T
?Doing experiment one time, the same time get mass spectrum method, chromatogram method and chemistry method results on-line
?The system and collocating gas steady time: 20 minutes; Speedy cooling: From 1000 centigrade scale to room temperature, 15 minutes
?Exactly measure, control and analyze multi-function: TPD/TPR/TPO/HOT/TPSR/DISPERSION DEGREE/CHEMISTRY RATIO SURFACE AREA
?Consuming gas and electrical energy is one to three the same kind of instrument
?Volume Micromation: 26*55*82cm

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