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Xianquan Industrial and Trading Co., Ltd.
QQ: 2967295358
TEL: 022-29550000


TP-6010 competitive adsorption parsing chromatogram analysis instrument is a type of scientific research system, it has researched into the competitive adsorption of multi-gas, liquid material under a pressurization estate and vacuum parsing on-line chromatogram analysis. This device is the same with catalyzer, molecule boult, coal-bed gas parsing, rock heat-release hydrocarbon analysis, soil and the chromatogram and mass spectrum analysis about adsorption parsing under pressurization, vacuum, low temperature, and high temperature estate. At the same time, it has also been an advantageous tool in physical chemistry research.
?Fit for a particle and powder (nanometer) sample.
?TPD/TPR/TPO on-line distribution in machine (also use bottle distribution).
?Doing experiment one time, you will get an on-line mass spectrography,??????? chromatography and TPD chart.
?The depletion gas and electrical power is one third congenert instrument.
?Automatization: After loading sample, you only need press the mouse one time.
?The vacuum pressurization system is a choice distribution (mechanical pump or molecule pump set).
?? Technic parameter:
?Catalyzer sample loaded quantity: 0~3ml.
?Velocity of temperature programmed: 0.5~90℃/min.
?The seven segment of temperature programmed has a unattached self-tuning for PID, control precision: ±0.2%FS。
?The time of instrument steady after starting is: 20 minutes.

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