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Xianquan Industrial and Trading Co., Ltd.
QQ: 2967295358
TEL: 022-29550000

TP-5080 Multi-automatic Characterization Adsorption Instrument

?Function: Physical Chemistry Platform, Automatic, In Situ, Vacuum, Adsorption in zero centigrade scale, Pressurization, Auto-titration, Adsorption Isothermal, Dispersion Degree, Chemistry Ratio Surface, TPD-Chromatogram/Mass Spectrum/Infrared.
?? Main characteristic:
?Apply for grain and powder (nanometer) activator
?TPR/TPO on-line collocation gas in machine (also can use bottle collocating gas)
?Doing experiment one time, the same time get mass spectrum method, chromatogram method and chemistry method results on-line
?Exactly measure, control and analyze multi-function: TPD/TPR/TPO/HOT/TPSR/DISPERSION DEGREE/CHEMISTRY RATIO SURFACE AREA
?Consuming gas and electrical energy is one to three the same kind of instrument
?Volume Micromation: 15*48*22cm; Weight: 9kg
?Automatic: After loading sample, you only need press mouse one time

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