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Xianquan Industrial and Trading Co., Ltd.
QQ: 2967295358
TEL: 022-29550000

About Us

Company Introduction

 Founded in 1992, Xianquan Industrial and Trading Co., Ltd is a high-tech corporation comprehensively engaging in design, development, manufacturing and marketing. Our development of the first chemisorption analyzer in 1992 filled the blank of corresponding products in China. Ever since then we have established our leadership in technology development and corresponding marketing in catalytic apparatus industry in China. Enjoying a high popularity and credibility in the industry, our company is currently one of the executive directors of Tianjin Chromatographic Association.?
 So far, we have successfully marketed more than 30 types of industrial instruments centering on the three core series of automatic chemisorption analyzers, catalysts evaluation equipment, and in-situ reaction and characterization system. We possess quite a lot of technological patents with independent intellectual properties, and our products are well received by the end users for their innovative designs, delicate structures and reliable performances. Nowadays, our domestic market occupation is more than 80%, and our major customers include Peking University, Tsinghua University, Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics, and Research Institute of Petroleum Processing.
 We have a technical team consisting of high-tech talents from various fields and disciplines. It enables us to provide professional and superior services to our customers ranging fully from equipment configuration, installation and after-sale maintenance. We are therefore capable of providing overall solutions to laboratories with optimal parts combination and final product. Besides our regular products, we also provide customized products upon each end user’s individual requests on technological process flow, non-standard equipment, automatization or hardware configuration.
 For the best play of our advantage in market channels built over the past two decades, we also act as agent for high-tech products imported from other regions and countries and have established extensive partnership with suppliers from Germany, Denmark, the United States, Swiss, Israel, Great Britain and Italy, etc.. Our agent products cover a wide range from optoelectronics products, monitors and meters, material analyzers, to sensors and spare parts, and thus we can best meet the expanding demands of the Chinese markets for scientific research. We attach great importance to the protection of our partners’ intellectual properties, and vigorously boost our suppliers’ brands and products to obtain the maximized technological values of their products in the market of China. More importantly, we advocate reciprocal growth with our partners to achieve a win-win development for both sides, regardless of the partners’ origins, nationalities, products, or application fields. In this sense, we are your ideal choice if you wish to enter the vast Chinese market in certain specific area.
 Through the platform provided by AQUEOUS INVESTMENT GROUP CO., LTD (AIG), our company is currently implementing a pluralism development strategy and is undergoing a cycle of globalization to make us an international group and to further enhance our presence in international trade, financial leasing, instruments, catalytic products, as well as bio-tech products. With great sincerity, we are looking forward to cooperations with prospective business partners of various fields from both inside and outside of China.